On the Steady State


Herman Daly’s work in ecological economics insists on the necessity of a different kind of economy, serving another kind of society—a society that not only could last, as our ecological ruinous one cannot, but that would deserve to last, as no one with much sense of justice can feel that ours does. Daly’s vision of the steady-state economy—an economy that no longer grows in physical size, even as society and culture continue to develop—makes into a completed thought what in earlier thinkers was mainly a collection of asides about the eventuality that economic growth must one day stop.

On the Steady State is the first volume of Pocket Institute, a series of interdisciplinary texts that have influenced some of today’s visionary contemporary artists and writers.

5-7/8 x 3-3/4 inches, 46 pages
Pocket Institute No. 001
Published by The Artist’s Institute, 2017

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