Future Events:

April 5, 7pm Alvin Lucier

"The Queen of the South" and Ron Kuivila, "Sparkline, with acceleration"

April 12, 6pm–8pm Tauba Auerbach

Exhibition Opening

Past Events:

March 17, 4pm Marina Rosenfeld

Bill Dietz, Fumi Okiji, and Marina Rosenfeld on Radical Receptivity

Artist Marina Rosenfeld, whose exhibition Music Stands is on view through March 30th, will join Fumi Okiji and Bill Dietz for a conversation on radical receptivity. Fumi Okiji is an academic and vocalist whose work crosses critical theory, black feminist thought, and performance studies. Bill Dietz is a composer and writer who works on the genealogy of the concert and the performance of listening.

February 21, 6pm–8pm Marina Rosenfeld

Exhibition Opening

Marina Rosenfeld creates sound systems. Sometimes these are performances for military orchestras or for rows of earbud-linked teenagers; at other times they take the form of physical interventions into sites, charging various objects (bass cannons, PA loudspeakers, or microphone clusters) with the tasks of amplification and reproduction. In every instance, Rosenfeld carefully attends to the distribution and directionality of amplified bodies in space, considering the relations of power that these arrangements concretize and contest. Eschewing sound as transmission—the authoritative, unidirectional pronouncement—Rosenfeld explores the disruptive, feminist potential of machinic propagation. She programs unruly flows of sonic material in closed circuits or recursive, feedback-prone systems, interrupting the silence of the white cube with momentary eruptions of noise and vocality.

Rosenfeld will present an exhibition of new work called Music Stands at the Artist’s Institute with related programming, on view through March 30th.