The Artist’s Institute at Hunter College is a research and exhibition space for contemporary artists and writers. Fellows establish semester-long projects that will generate new possibilities for their work. They are encouraged to experiment at the threshold of what they already know, and to use their time with the Institute to test out new forms of expression. Their public programs may take many forms, including exhibitions, performances and lectures, seminars, or something else entirely. In addition, fellows mentor graduate students in the Department of Art & Art History at Hunter College and make use of the school’s intellectual and technical resources. The Artist’s Institute is committed to artists, above all to giving their work the time and attention it deserves.


The Artist’s Institute
Hunter College, 132 E. 65th Street
New York New York 10065


The Artist’s Institute opened on October 19, 2010 at 163 Eldridge Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Founded in collaboration with the Department of Art & Art History at Hunter College, it originated from the desire to learn from artists, eschewing a standard exhibition model for one that gives equal weight to art objects, graduate seminars, and public events hosting a range of thinkers. During the Institute’s first seven years, its program dedicated each six-month long season to a single artist, whose work was shown one object or installation at a time. A hallmark of the program was making explicit connections between the featured artist and related artists and thinkers. This practice engaged poets, scientists, philosophers, and musicians, as well as visual artists. Founding Director Anthony Huberman (2010-2013) curated seasons with Robert Filliou, Jo Baer, Jimmie Durham, Rosemarie Trockel, Haim Steinbach, and Thomas Bayrle. Director Jenny Jaskey (2013-2021) organized seasons with Lucy McKenzie, Pierre Huyghe, Carolee Schneemann, Fia Backström, Hilton Als, and Sharon Lockhart.

The Artist’s Institute moved to 132 E. 65th Street in March 2016. Starting in the fall of 2017, the format of the Institute’s program changed. Instead of concentrating on the work of a single artist, the Institute hosted several artists―in a more expansive construction of the term artist― in a single semester. If in the past the Institute primarily developed connections out of an artist’s pre-existing body of work, now artists were encouraged to create new works and to engage in a process of self-education that would also teach an audience new things. Throughout its brief history, The Artist’s Institute has remained dedicated to an in-depth engagement with art.


The Artist’s Institute is dedicated to creating an accessible environment, but please note that the historic building in which we are located is not ADA-compliant. We are working with Hunter College to provide portable ramps to better serve wheelchair access. Please contact us if you have specific questions regarding accessibility by emailing info@theartistsinstitute.org or calling 646-512-9608.

The Artist’s Institute is located on 65th Street between Lexington Ave and Third Ave in a townhouse with a sign reading “Hunter College — Casa Lally”. The entrance to the building is below sidewalk level, with three 8-inch steps. There is also a steep ramp (approximately 30º) from sidewalk level. The Artist’s Institute occupies the ground floor. Two of the Institute’s galleries are on this level, but the main exhibition space is down an additional four 7.5-inch steps.

Public Transit

The closest subway stations are Lexington Avenue/63rd Street (F/Q), 59th Street-Lexington Avenue (N, Q, R, 4, 5, 6) and 68th Street-Hunter College (6). The closest ADA accessible station is the F/Q at 63rd Street. Numerous bus lines along Lexington Ave, Third Ave, and 67th Street are also available.


Two single-user/non-gender restrooms are available on the ground level. Unfortunately, they are very small, and not ADA-compliant.